Thursday, May 31, 2012

Success! And What's Up Next

After five months of hard work, I have successfully submitted everything for my upcoming how-to crafts book that will be published by Running Press in the Spring of 2013.

- This morning, I emailed my 25,105 word manuscript to my editor.
- Sometime today, all of the art will be delivered to their office via FedEx.
- Last week I uploaded the illustrations (created by Kristina Almquist) and art log, as well as scans of all of the art as an FYI, on the book designer's section of the server.

As time gets closer to my publication date, I'll start to talk about the subject of my book.

Next up, unpack my art supplies in my new studio space at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, MA, and start printing 16' lengths of fabric for my upcoming public art installation at the Boston Center for the Arts that starts in July.

And while the fabric is drying in Framingham, I can unpack my art supplies in my smaller home studio and start working on a new series on boards called Fences and Nests.