Wednesday, July 6, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Not for me, for our family's Rubberband Ball. It's getting the 15 minutes of fame.

I got a kind note last week asking if I'd give permission to reproduce "one-time and for the web only," the image of my "Rubberband Ball", to illustrate a review of David Foster Wallace's book The Pale King. Part of the agreement was giving me the credit: Rubberband Ball © Jeanne Williamson, with the link to my website.

There are many times when my images, or the images of others I know, are used without permission, so I'd like to formally thank the Los Angeles Review of Books for doing the right thing!

I think our rubberband ball is at least 14 years old. The rubber is really hard, and it's falling apart. It lives on a tray on a table in the corner of the room that was my studio at home.

The image they used was from many years ago. This is what it looks like today from the front (see above),

the back

and top

The last time I posted about it was exactly a year ago. Here is the first post I made about it, on July 5, 2009.