Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparing My New Studio Space

Now that I have access to my new studio at 43 Main Street, in downtown Natick, Massachusetts, I'm excited to be preparing the space so I can settle in and get back to work making art, and also be ready to show my work during Natick Artists Open Studios on October 16 & 17, 2010.

Above is the biggest wall as it was when I got the keys to my studio. Tan is nice, but not for my needs in the studio.

For the first time in my life, I bought a can of "white" wall paint. I have bought white trim and ceiling paint before, but I have NEVER bought "white" paint for a wall. Only shades of white but never "white." I admit it felt a bit weird not to labor over the wall color.

Here is the same wall, after I rolled on the first coat of paint before using the ladder.

This is after I painted the top part of the walls with the roller, and also cutting in around the trim. I went up and down the ladder dozens of times yesterday and was able to get the first coat on in less than four hours (I think). Never underestimate the workout when rolling paint on walls, with and without a ladder. I did not feel at all guilty about not going for a walk yesterday, and I admit that I'm a bit sore today!

My plan for today is to paint the second coat, which I hope will be the last one. I also hope I have enough paint in the can. The guy at the hardware store said one gallon would be enough, but I am not too optimistic about that. I'll let you know (hopefully) tomorrow, if my day goes like I think it will.