Monday, June 30, 2008

2008 MCC Artists Fellowships

I quickly got over my annual MCC rejection frustration, and a few weeks later, I'm happy to report that two of the artists who did get selected work with fiber.

In the Painting category, Candice Smith Corby was named a 2008 Fellow, for her work painting on handkerchiefs and other fabric.

In Drawing/Printmaking/Artist Books, Leslie Schomp was named a 2008 Finalist for her thread +/or hair embroidery on found handkerchiefs. I've seen Leslie's work on exhibit recently, and it's really wonderful.

In the past, when I applied in Painting or Printmaking, I wasn't sure if I really fit in to those categories because my painting and printing is on fabric. I now know that it doesn't matter. The lines between different art media are getting blurry and that's a good thing for the art and the artists.

You can learn more about the Fellowships, and the chosen artists on the Massachusetts Cultural Council's blog ArtSake. Congrats to all of the artists chosen this year.