Friday, June 27, 2008

Rainbow Stairs

The photo I posted on August 29, 2007, of my ex-rainbow stairs, has been used (with permission) as the photo for an article called "How to paint rainbow stairs" in (on?) Yahoo! Shine, an online magazine.

I must admit that I really miss my stairs being the colors of a rainbow. They were a rainbow for at least 15 years. Last year, for a change of pace, I repainted them two shades of orange, but I have not been happy with them. I've spent the past year trying to choose a different color scheme, but have not been able to decide. Maybe I should go back to the rainbow. No rush deciding until summer's over. When I painted the stairs in humid summer weather last year, they took over a week to completely dry. When I do decide to re-paint them, it'll be in the Fall or Winter.