Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 Weekly Mixed Media Project

Above is my 26th Weekly Mixed Media piece this year, and below is the back side. I like how the front design and color came out, and I think the back has a nice bas relief to it. The off white section on the back is "Warm and Natural" cotton quilt batting, which has its own felt-like look.

I have officially made it through the first half of the year, as busy as it's been. The past few weeks, I have mainly been using past felt scraps and creating collages, which I must admit has been much more enjoyable for me than felting on big piece. Even though my overly busy June is almost over, I think I might want to continue with the collage, but maybe make small felted pieces to add to my collection, in stead of only using scraps from the past. Felting is fun, but it might be more fun if I made combinations of small pieces.

To begin making this piece, I looked through all of my scraps of felt from past projects. I didn't realize I had so many.

I chose four pieces that weren't used in the past few weeks of doing collage.

I placed all four pieces together, meeting the outer edges together. Using my sewing machine, and white thread, I zig-zagged the edges together.

This is what the whole piece looked like before I cropped it to size. It looked like a weird flat fiber lobster.

Using a 6" square template, I found the nicest placement as possible. I traced the 6" square with a pencil, and I cut the felt to size, and the scraps got added back in to the scrap collection.

You can see my 2008 weekly mixed media work (so far) on my website, and read about my process/progress here on my blog.