Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist-in-Residence: Day 11

This is the fourth in a collection of chuppahs I'm making as an Artist-in-Residence at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, at Brandeis University. It's monoprinted, handstamped, and painted fabric, that measures 4' x 8'.

Please note that the gray on the edges is the wall color, and is not a part of this piece. This isn't that great of a photo, but it'll have to do for right now.

I also finished a fifth piece today, but I need to reshoot it. I'll do that tomorrow and will try to post it tomorrow night.

This week I hoping to make 2 - 4 more chuppahs of various sizes and designs, before we hang my exhibit the next week.

I am at Brandeis weekdays from noon - 5pm through April 11th working on site in the Kniznick Gallery. I'm creating a series of Jewish wedding canopies, or chuppot, to be displayed at an exhibition, Under Color, at the Kniznick Gallery from April 14 - May 22, 2014.

Please note that I will not be at Brandeis on Friday afternoon, so please don't stop by for a visit then. Any other afternoon this week is fine.