Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bartlett Yards!

I had a wonderful time yesterday, installing temporary public art at Bartlett Yard, the site of the former MBTA Bartlett Bus Yard in Roxbury, MA. I was one among dozens and dozens of artists there, making art, having a really good time, meeting people from all walks of life, and enjoying every moment there. There were also hundreds of visitors, also having a wonderful time.

The photos shown above and below are window coverings on two boarded up windows, and the surrounding work by Juan Santos.  The window coverings measure 48" square, not including the bottom, scalloped edge. They’re made of monoprints of the grids of construction fences on fabric, which is coated so they’re weather resistant. 

I also made a curtain and valances for a slightly larger than phone booth-sized outdoor cubby, which is also located near the windows on the same wall. Many thanks to my husband who did all of the installation in the cubby, after we both strategized placement of the valances. Many artists created the surrounding work on the brick wall on both sides of the cubby.

You can see the sketches of my planned installation here, and you can see bigger photos from yesterday on my website.

The site is filled with wonderful painting, graffiti, and sculpture, created by artists who volunteered their time, and materials.

Many, many thanks go to the organizers of this wonderful event at Bartlett Yard, who I think also volunteered their time.

The art will be on exhibit through I think November 2013, and then the site will be razed and construction will begin. You can read about the site's history and future here

There will be many events on site this summer. Check the calendar, and go visit if you can. They're open most weekends.