Monday, June 11, 2012

Lots and Lots of Printed Fabric

In the past 10 days, I've monoprinted the textures of construction fences on 88' of fabric, for Fence/Curtain 2.0, my temporary public outdoor art installation at the Boston Center for the Arts. Five are 16' long and one is 8'. I still have three more 8' pieces to print.

This picture shows three 16' pieces in my studio. The one on the left is on the wall waiting to be coated it with watered down matt medium that stiffens it and also makes it water resistant. The one in the middle is on the table drying after I stiffened it, and the piece on the right is already stiffened, and is hanging on a rope so it can cure.

This week I'll continue stiffening the rest of already printed fabric, print the last three 8' pieces, and stiffen them as time permits.

Even though I have plenty of time to work on this piece, since I'm not installing it until the first week in July, I'm working fast and steadily on it. Once the summer heat and humidity set in, drying time will slow considerably and so will my energy level. I am not a summer person.

And, after each piece is stiffened, I have hundreds and hundreds of holes and flaps to cut in the fabric so it'll drape, or so the wind can move through it in the garden.