Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Work - The Fence As Lace #13

After I finished working on my 35' outdoor art installation, Fence/Curtain 1.0, in my borrowed studio workspace (because I have a significantly smaller studio), I decided to take advantage of temporarily having a 4' x 8' work table (as well as one that was 4' x 16'), and make another large piece, which I've added to the Fence As Lace Series.

The Fence As Lace #13 , which is a diptych, is mixed media on stiffened fabric, and measures 8' x 8'.

While I created The Fence As Lace #13 in November 2011, I was finally able to get it photographed earlier this week, because it was hanging as two separate pieces in my Arlington, MA art window installation. I took the window down last week.

The inspiration behind this piece was The Fence As Lace #2 (below), which I really like, and felt needed a companion piece that's 8' wide vs. the 4' wide that #2 is.