Thursday, September 30, 2010

More New Studio Prep

I paid visit to both Ikea and Lowes yesterday, to get things for my studio.

At Ikea I got a small table (above) for sewing and misc small projects, an ironing board (below), a rack to hang (smaller) pieces of drying fabric on, a file cabinet type thing with shelves and another with a door, both of which will serve as the "legs" for the big tabletop (that I already own) that will be for bigger painting/printing projects, and I also got a few other misc items.

At Lowes, my husband and I gathered five 4' x 8' sheets of homasote to hang on the walls.

I wasn't sure where I'd store the ironing board, but I think behind the door to my studio might be the perfect place since there's not much else that can go there.

It was quite a workout carrying everything up 18 VERY steep steps one at a time to put them in my studio.

Today or Friday I hope to put the file cabinet type thingies together if I can, so I will finally have my big table ready to work on. Over the weekend I'm hoping we can hang the homasote and do a few more projects.