Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

When I got home after doing Open Studios yesterday I rushed to take pictures of my two installations in their first snowfall before it got too dark. These pictures are a little blurry because my camera was a bit wet from the large falling snowflakes.

The top above shows better contrast of the white snow surrounding my backyard installation than the one below does, but I did want a straight on picture too.

I have lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, and I do not think we have ever had accumulating snow in mid-October. We have in mid-November, but not October as far as I remember. Yesterday's snow was the result of a fall Nor'easter and unusually cold weather.

The front yard installation is under a maple tree that still has most of its leaves, so there was no accumulating snow, but there are some fallen leaves and it was wet.

I really like the colored leaves surrounding this piece. It fits in very well. Very color coordinated. I look forward to more leaves falling around it in the coming weeks, and hopefully I'll get some good, not blurry, pictures in my documentation.

Beside here on my blog, you can see a few month to month pictures on my website.