Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

This is my weekly front and back yard installations update. The legs on both pieces have been buried in the ground thanks to my sweetheart and partner in crime, who graciously did it while I was napping on Saturday. Thank you very much JO for your hard work.

In my front yard is Fence Installation Series #1/22, as shown above.

Here is this week's detail of the same piece. A little floppy in the top corners but otherwise looking good.

In my back yard is Fence Installation Series #1/16. I like it much better with the legs buried because now there's very little silver metal piping showing. On the wooden structure next to this piece there is a fall blooming clematis growing, and I'm hopeful that it will make its way over to my art, and grab on. I'd be very happy if it grows in and out of the holes, and even happier when it blooms in the fall. Hopefully in the next week we'll see if it actually does it.

Looking at how this one is holding up, we can see that the top corners are pulled pretty tight, and it's a little mis-shapen where it's not being stretched by the pipes. No big deal and no problem. That's why I doing this yearlong experiment. To see what happens.

Another update coming next week.