Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work on Artful Home Updated

I have updated my work on the Artful Home website. Take a look.

Artful Home has changed their site so exhibiting artists can upload their art work in their own when they want to, so I plan on updating my work on the site on a regular basis. Artful Home's site gets (tens of thousands) more hits than I do, and I'm happy to work with them.

My newest work on the site is from two different series, both that measure 12" x 12", and that range in price from $500-700.

My full 12 x 12 x 12 series is on my website, and a four of them are also on Artful Home's site.

I have many Recycled Fence Series pieces on my website, but the five from Recycled Fence Series #33 on Artful Home, are not on my website at all. Not yet at least.

There are four Orange Construction Fence Series pieces on Artful Home at this time, and I will be updating the work in this series on their site shortly. In the mean time, you can see all of my Orange Construction Fence Series on my website.

Take a look at my work on Artful Home.