Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art Consultant Visit

An Art Consultant stopped by yesterday and borrowed five of my 12 x 12 x 12 Series, and 3 of my Orange Construction Fence Series, for consideration of being purchased by a local hospital.

The picture above is the 5 12 x 12's waiting for me to mount them on canvas.

This is a picture of mounting in progress. Two already set, but drying, and three setting under the weight of heavy books.

Here are the five 12 x 12's ready to go.

The understanding is, the hospital will make a selection of work by various artists, and exhibit them for a number of months. During the exhibit, they will consider making purchases. The Art Consultant told me when they did this at the same hospital in the past, a few doctors, and people visiting the hospital, also made some purchases.

Seeing that I have a ridiculous amount of available artwork in my studio, I'm glad to be under consideration for the exhibit, and if they make a purchase, so much the better. Will report more if/when I have any news, pro or con. Let's hope for pro.