Monday, January 12, 2009

Danforth Museum of Art

Having just guest curated the show "Mixed Media Fiber Art, " now on exhibit at the Danforth Museum of Art (in Framingham, MA), I was very glad to read the following article.

"A believer in unsung art at a museum in transition, At Danforth Museum, working to protect an 'alternative art history'," by Sebastian Smee in the Boston Globe, on January 11, 2009, is about the Danforth Museum's Director, Katherine French, who I greatly admire.

Quoting from Mr. Smee's article:

"...... French developed a sharpened sense of what she calls "an alternative art history."

Just as the Boston Expressionists tended to be written out of art history as styles of abstraction gained the ascendancy in postwar American art, French believes many artists operating outside the main centers of art today tend to be overlooked by museums with national and international aspirations such as the ICA.

She wants the Danforth to be a place where people can connect with this alternative art history." Read more.

The Danforth Museum of Art is a gem. I am proud to know Katherine, and to do what I can to support the Museum.