Friday, November 16, 2007

Art Books You'd Like to Read or Write

I'm sure there are artists who use book agents when publishing books, but I am the only one I know of who has recently used one in my field. Many artists assume that a book agent gets 50% of the advance and royalties, as an art gallery or art consultant would commonly get. This is not true. A book agent commonly gets 15%, which in my opinion is money well spent. An agent is your advocate, someone who tries to get you the best publishing deal possible, and someone who helps with the rest of the publishing process, if advocating is needed.

My agent is looking for artists who have ideas for books they'd like to write, about paper, jewelry and knitting. If you have an idea about a book you'd like to write, please contact Sorche Fairbank at, and put "Jeanne Williamson referred" in the subject line. I love working with Sorche, and I highly recommend her to other authors!

Also, if there's an art quilt book you'd like to see in a book store (but you don't want to write it), please write to me at I'd be interested in hearing your ideas.