Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Home: Fractured Fence Repaired #1

Fractured Fence Repaired #146" x 39", mixed media on stiffened fabric, has been purchased by Edelstein & Company LLP, in Boston, MA, thanks to an art consulting group that represents my work. It was sold framed, hanging in front of a white mat in a white shadow box frame.

The Fractured Fence Repaired Series explores blue construction fence patterns on white (reminiscent of blue and white plates), that are fractured and then repaired with gold (Kintsukuroi). 

Each piece was created with monoprinted, handstamped, and handpainted fabric, that was cut and reassembled with small stitches. Then the fabric was stiffened to provide a more paper-like feel and appearance, and gold was painted near the stitched seams.

Thank you to Edelstein & Company LLP, and also to the art consulting group!