Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sculpture Idea

After I got home from taking Fence Holes Bandage 2.0 off the tree it lived on while on exhibit at Art in the Park, at Elm Park in Worcester, MA, I placed it on the floor of my porch.

I enjoyed conversations about creating some sculptures around this theme of layers of lace-like fence holes, after walking by it many times with friends and family, over the weekend.

Thinking about the sculpture idea for a number of days now, and I think I’d like to make time to make a number of versions, short and wide, short and skinny, tall and wide, tall and skinny. And perhaps they can be exhibited on the florr, on stands and on the wall.

Because it’s a little dirty after being outside for three months, I’ll most likely hang this piece on a new tree, probably in my yard, and rename it Fence Holes Bandage 2.1, instead of repurposing it into a sculpture.

To be continued…