Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fence Holes Bandage 2.0

Fence Holes Bandage 2.0, which was on exhibit in Art in the Park, at Elm Park in Worcester, MA is now home.

I was hoping to get some good pictures of it after being on exhibit for three months, but all of the leaves had already fallen off the tree, and the park is under construction, so there weren’t any good angles to take more than a few close-ups of the art.

The tree was surrounded by a wooden frame, so it would be protected by all of the heavy equipment in the area. And, someone drastically trimmed the tree back, which was quite different than when I installed my work. In July it was barely visible under the many branches and leaves.

Installing art in public can be a difficult thing because the artist can’t control the site or nature. It’s important to let all feelings about what may happen go, so one doesn’t feel anything negative about a positive opportunity. That said, I'm glad I participated.

I’d like to thank everyone involved, Gloria at Art in the Park, the Parks and Rec workers, the judges who accepted my application, the convicts who helped me install, the construction worker who helped me take it down, and Brian Gloslow from Artscope Magazine for keeping me company while the work came down.

One interesting thing after taking my work off the tree was seeing all of the cocoons hidden underneath. My apology to the spiders.

Fence Holes Bandage 2.0 is mixed media on stiffened fabric, and it measured 
22" high x 54"+ around the tree in Worcester. I’m planning on hanging it on a tree in my yard shortly, and will post pictures after I do.