Monday, May 21, 2012

Community Supported Art

Similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where consumers can buy seasonal food directly from local farms, Boston area gallery, Fountain Street Fine Art (FSFA), is starting its own CSArt with the goal of putting original art into the hands of art lovers. 

How the CSArt works:

- Shares cost $360.
- ONLY 30 shares will be sold.  
- Shareholders will receive six works of art at an "Art Harvest" party in the fall, one by each of 6 different artists. 
- Each work of art will be a signed original piece-unique art.
- The six local artists participating in this year’s CSArt@FSFA are:
Lisa BarthelsonCheryl ClintonMarie CraigVirginia FitzgeraldKay Hartung, and me (Jeanne Williamson).
- Artists choose what to make for their piece, just as the farmer selects the produce he delivers in each distribution. Each piece will be about 12x12 inches or smaller.

My contribution to the CSA will be individually created mixed media work on board that measures 6" x 6" x .75". I sell work of that size for $125., which should give you an idea of the combined value of all of the art in the CSArt "Art Harvest." I will be creating the work over the summer, but you can see samples of work in that size here, and there's also an example in the upper left corner of this post.

Be creative with your art share. Split it with friends or keep it all. Join with us to support the growth of local art by participating in this exciting art collecting adventure!

Read more about each participating artist.