Monday, April 9, 2012

Studio Curtains

For privacy from the house next door and also to cut the blinding sunlight on sunny days, I have curtains in the windows of my home studio. Before yesterday, the curtain bottom and valance were a simple unbleached muslin that I made 19 years ago, when this was a play space for my son.

Yesterday, as I was moving art and supplies in, I hung Weathered Fences #5 and #6 in place of the valance. They were hanging in the studio I'm moving out of, and I decided to hang them in my home studio since I like them a lot.

At first I had the painted/dark side facing out (below) but it felt too dark and overwhelming. I think I like it better with the back side facing out (above) because it's much lighter.

When I have time, I'll paint the white sleeve at the top to match the back so there won't be a boring and ugly white strip at the top.

I do need to make sure it looks acceptable from the outside of the house, which I hope it does. It looked great at street level at my old studio, but at my house it may or may not.