Monday, December 19, 2011

Construction & Barrier Fence Heaven!

I was just introduced to, a website that has dozens and dozens of Construction & Barrier Fences, which my own personal version of being set loose in a candy store!

They have snow fences, construction fences, crowd control fences (what a great term!), deer, barrier, diamond (my least favorite), economy, and square safety fences.

I have at least 17 or more patterns/thicknesses/sizes/colors of fencing that I work with, and thought I had it all, but now I see there’s much, much more available.

Who would have thought that there are snow fences that are “designed to meet the requirements of state and local governments”?

And then there’s a product I’ve never heard of, checkerboard or polka dot “Surveyors Roll Flagging” which gives me a ton of ideas, especially when reading the description, “These resilient patterns add a wide assortment of choices for your non-verbal communication needs.” I have a ton of non-verbal communication needs.

I’m going to spend a few minutes in the next few days and choose a few fences that I don’t already have, and get a few. I just hope I can get the fences I want in 50-foot lengths. Buying 100 feet is expensive and also takes up a lot of valuable studio (or attic) space.