Monday, May 16, 2011

Artist Residency - 8 days

Day 8 here on my residency. It's been pouring rain for three days, and the humidity has really slowed the drying time for my work.

Fabric paint that took about 20 minutes to dry last week when it was the most perfect spring weather in 60's/70's and dry and sunny, is taking now over an hour. Last week when I coated 10' x 4' pieces of fabric (two are shown above) with watered down matt medium to stiffen them, it took about 3-4 hours to dry, but today it took over 8 hours. Thankfully I'm finished painting, and tonight I'll coat the last 10' piece of fabric so it can dry overnight.

I'm now cutting holes in the stiffened fabric. I'm hoping to finish cutting the (about) 233 holes in one piece before bedtime tonight. Working large has meant doing obsessive work, which amazes me since I'm not at all an obsessive person.

I'm also really enjoying being around the other artists and writers. The conversation is really interesting, learning about where people come from, what they do with their daily lives, and what they're working on here.