Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Artist Residency -10 days

I've been here for 10 days and have spent at least 10 hours, and sometimes 12 hours, a day making new large scale work in my studio. That means that in the past 10 days, I've worked over 100 hours, and I can honestly say that my brain is a bit fried.

Today I spent most of the day cutting holes out of a 48" x 100" monoprinted and stamped piece of stiffened fabric to make what I thought was going to be a window installation. After I cut all of the holes, I walked about a quarter mile to the sculpture building to borrow a step ladder so I could pin it up on the 12' tall window frame, and after messing with it for quite a while, it wasn't working so I took the fabric down and walked the ladder back.

Frustrated, I pinned the piece up on the wall outside my studio door, and still frustrated, left it to go eat dinner. I also went to a slide talk by some of the other residents, which I really enjoyed.

I was especially interested in the work fellow resident Noah Breuer, who I found out is also using construction fences in his work here. Tomorrow I'll go visit him in his studio, and he'll visit mine. Seeing his work, and talking to him briefly left me feeling a little recharged about what I'm doing.

The picture below is of all of the "holes" I've cut out of my work while here. I plan on using them when I get home, as well as the edges of the fabric with partial "holes" which are many many feet long each. I have some new ideas I want to explore.

Tomorrow is my last day making art here. Tomorrow night we have open studios which will be fun. Friday I pack up and load my car, and I'm also going to take high res pictures of what I've created because I want to take advantage of the large white walls and the good light. After breakfast on Saturday, I'll drive home.