Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wall Prep in New Studio

A chunk of time on Saturday afternoon was spent hanging homasote panels on the walls of my new studio, so I'll have a good surface to pin artwork up, whether in process or finished.

I mapped out the room and consulted my husband, who was helped me buy and install the panels. We bought five 4' x 8' panels at Lowes mid-week. Yesterday we measured, cut them to size, and hung them on the walls. Our calculations were great! We only had a few scraps left over when finished.

After the homasote was hung, we cut pieces of white felt to size and started to cover the homasote with it. When I ordered the 10 yard bolt of 72" wide white felt from Joann Fabrics, I was hoping I had ordered enough. Well, I did good. There was less than a yard left. Phew!

The felt is partially stapled on to the homasote. Tomorrow I'll finish attaching it.

The result of hanging the homasote means I'll have 8', plus 6', plus 4', plus 42" of useable pin-able walls, and I'll also have four 24" white grids to hang finished work (later this week, after the hooks for the grids arrive in the mail). In my in-home studio I have a pin-able wall that is 40", so my studio wall space is a huge improvement!

After the felt is attached, I'll start moving art supplies in and getting organized. Only a few more days left until I can start printing and painting again.