Monday, August 16, 2010

On Exhibit - Chakaia Booker: In and Out

If you're in the Boston MA area anytime through August 29, 2010, go to the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA and see "Chakaia Booker: In and Out."

The DeCordova's website describes Ms. Booker 's work:

"Chakaia Booker is best known for the material and process that characterize the majority of her work: cut-up automobile tires that are reassembled on wooden or steel armatures to create abstract sculptures." Read more.

Her work makes me think of soft ribbons and pieces of fabric that are delicately arranged, but in reality, they are hard textured pieces of rubber tires that are heavy and not at all delicate. That's the beauty of her work. And I love that a woman was behind it. They were soft and feminine, and hard and masculine at the same time. And I loved the rubber smell in the gallery as well.

Go see the show. If you can't get to the Museum, see her work online here.

Image above: detail of "It's So Hard To Be Green," 2000, Rubber tire and wood, 157" x 258" x 42", Lent by the Artist and Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY.