Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rethinking Some Photography

When I had the first three of my Weathered Fences Series photographed, I had them shot flat against the wall. While I think they were OK shot that way, the photo totally ignored the purpose of this series, which is an exploration about how construction fences fall apart as they age in place at construction sites.

Now that I have three more in this series completed (and ready to install at the Studios Without Walls show), and since I was getting them photographed anyway, I decided to redo the photos of the first three, and also shoot the new three, so they are hanging away from the wall. That way the shadows of the cutouts, and the ripples in the piece, show much better. I also had the back sides photographed, so I have both sides to show when I apply for sculpture/installation shows.

While I wait to get the images from my photographer, above is what Weathered Fences #3 looks like on my studio wall. The light's not too good for this image, so I look forward to my photographer's images.

Below is what the same piece looked like photographed flat from the front side only.

I think the new photos will be a big improvement. I should have them late next week.