Friday, November 13, 2009

icons + altars

Recycled Fence Series #33/4, (mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12"), is on exhibit at icons + altars at the New Art Center in Newton, MA, through December 13, 2009.

There are 107 pieces of art in this exhibit and sale, which is a benefit for the art center. 107 tickets will be available at $250 each. A ticket allows the holder to choose one piece of art when his or her number is drawn at the Closing Reception." Due to the diversity of work and tastes, the majority of ticket holders get one of their top choices!"

The Opening Reception is today, Friday November 13, from 6-8pm, and the Closing Reception is Sunday December 13, from 3-5pm. The Ticket Drawing is at 4pm at the Closing.

It's free to attend the Opening and Closing receptions and the exhibit itself. The $250 charge is for tickets for the drawing. For those of you who are out of town, the show is online.