Monday, October 5, 2009

Sort of New Work

This is Orange Construction Fence Series #32/71, which is 31.5" x 48". I started it in 2005 and updated it in 2009 when I cut pieces out of the grid that totally changed the look of this piece. You can see what it used to look like here in my post about it back in May. I wanted to get feedback from some other artists before I declared it finished, and was able to get it critiqued in late August, but didn't get a professional photo of it until a few weeks ago.

I'm planning/hoping to have it in my solo show at Providence College in a month, maybe as an installation. Another way to display it is on the wall, but a few inches from the wall, so there are shadows created from the cut holes. I need to decide which way to show it ASAP.

I'm not sure when, but I do have future plans on cutting into other older work sometime in the near future. It's a little scary to cut up old work but also kinda fun too.