Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Book

Wow! I got my copy of "Quilting Art: Inspiration, Ideas & Innovative Works from 20 Contemporary Quilters," a new book by Spike Gillespie (Voyageur Press).

I know I'm a bit biased because I'm one of the artists featured in the book, but I'm very impressed! I haven't had time to read the whole book yet, and will soon, but on first glance, the photos look great and I love the advice sections! I've never seen an advice section in an art book before, and it's really insightful reading what my contemporaries have to share. Nice!

Here is the book description from Amazon.com:
"Quilting is a craft, rich with tradition and homespun, practical applications. But it’s also an art--which, with needle, thread, fabric and an idea, can give us a new way of looking at, and wrapping ourselves in, the world. This book profiles twenty American practitioners of that art, quilters whose fascinating, innovative work takes the craft one step further and makes it into something new.  These remarkable quilters describe their inspiration and methods and show us several examples of their best work. Quilting Art serves as an idea book for quilters, as well as a gorgeous representation of the quilter’s art."

I always shy away from using the "Q" (quilt) word because my work is more about the printing and painting, but so do many of the artists in this book. If you see the work in this book, and read what the artists have to say, you'll understand why, because the boundaries are being pushed way past just quilting.

Pictured above is: Orange Construction Fence Series #41, 2006, 28.5" x 47", mixed media, which can be seen on page 13 of Spike's book.