Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

I wanted to take pictures of my weekly front and back yard installations while we had a short break in the rain we've been having. Since both pieces have been outside since the end of May/beginning of June, it has rained almost every day. Last Friday alone we got 1.5". Both pieces get rained on, dry, get rained on, dry, etc.

In my back yard is Fence Installation Series #1/16. Not only is it holding up very well in the few weeks it's been outside, but it's also about to become a resting place for my fall blooming clematis. I wanted to help get it to grow on this piece, but decided to let it decide on it's own. I didn't want to interfere with nature. I can't wait to see what it does this week.

Here is a back view where the clematis is starting to reach around the back from the front. (See the top left of this picture.)

There's nothing nearby to grow on Fence Installation Series #1/22, which is in my front yard, and partially protected by my Norway Maple tree which has a lot of leaves.

This piece is also holding up well, but I noticed that the top corners are falling over after getting wet and drying so many times, and the cut sections are rippling somewhat on the right edge that is not holding it taught. If it was hanging inside I'd iron it, but I'm not about to iron an outdoor piece. Let's see what happens next.

So far so good. Another update coming next week.