Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

This is the first of my weekly updates about Fence Installation Series #1/22 and Fence Installation Series #1/16.

Fence Installation Series #1/22 in my front yard.

Fence Installation Series #1/16 in my back yard.

Fence Installation Series #1/16 has been outside for a little over a week, and Fence Installation Series #1/22 for exactly a week. Both pieces have been rained on just about every day, and #1/16 has also lived through a hail storm, which happened a few days before we put #1/16 out.

Typical Massachusetts weather in May can be rain, sun, rain sun, etc some days, each day, or part of each day (with temps during the day anywhere from 40-90 degree F). Weather like that means both pieces have gotten wet, then dry, get wet, then dry, over and over again. When the summer humidity kicks in in mid/late June and July, we shall see of the work will dry quick enough so it doesn't get mildewy.

Here is a fly taking a rest on the back of #1/16.

Not much has happened this first week, other than the fact that part of the backyard piece has shrunk a little because of the way it's installed. The backing fabric wasn't preshrunk and I can tell that it did shrink a little the first time it got rained on. No big deal.

I imagine that the photos through October are going to be more about the foliage around each piece, and a little about how they are holding up outside. We'll see if there's any fading of color, if the fabric can hold up to the elements. Then when winter kicks in, both pieces may be partially buried in snow, and we'll see how they hold up wet and frozen, and how they do when the temps warm up again next spring. It should be interesting.