Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank Goodness for Artist Friends

Yesterday, I was driving in to Boston with two artist friends, to pick up our work from a show that just closed. When we were getting off the Mass Pike (Massachusetts Turnpike), and I saw a huge building under construction, covered in blue, yellow and orange stuff, with lots of grid-like possibilities that could be interpreted in my work. I yelped in excitement. My friends asked why, and when I showed them, they totally got it.

We stopped at a red light and one friend ran out of the car to shoot a quick picture (above). Major traffic area, and not totally safe, but we were cautious.

On the way home we purposely drove by the site again to get more pictures. The closest we could get was the onramp to the Mass Pike. It was not not a good place to stop, but there was a little shoulder in the road, and traffic is almost nil. I was able to take a few pictures over and through the fence. They're not great pictures but they'll have to do.

I'm so glad to have artist friends who understand weird inspiring situations and objects, and don't mind going out of the way to grab a picture.

Thank you to my two friends for sharing in the adventure! You both know who you are.