Saturday, December 20, 2008

House Painting

My husband and I took advantage of our first blizzard of the season by painting a bedroom in our house that seriously needed to be refreshed.

We finished painting a number of other rooms in our house in May 2007, and this is the last one that needed attention (for now).

When we did the rooms last time, it took us weeks to decide on the colors. We weren't disagreeing. We just couldn't decide. This time, I got a dozen paint swatch strips in the blue series from our local paint store, and we decided immediately. It was refreshing. We settled on Benjamin Moore "Blue Lapis" #2067-40.

I know interior house painting is a lot of work, and it requires patience, but it is so worth it!

Next, I'm going to make new curtains. I'm going funky, with a white-ish background and odd, randomly shaped black dots for the windows, and the white-ish and black stripes as the "door" for the bedroom closet. Since there are almost no fabric stores (locally any more), I have to thank Ikea for selling fabric. I bought this fabric a number of months ago, because I knew I'd be working on this room eventually. I wouldn't make a dress or shirt out of their fabrics, but it's fine for household items.

The two pictures are of the walls in progress. I'll try to take finished pictures when we're done with the walls, the (new) crown moulding is installed, and the curtains are up. Fun, fun, fun.