Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Recycled Fence Series

Above is a selection of my Recycled Fence Series, which was created in 2008.

In this series I'm taking older "Orange Construction Fence Series" pieces that I have grown tired of, or have decided didn't work out, and I cut them up to create newer, smaller pieces, which are mounted on canvas.

Take a look at all of the work in this series from 2008:

Recycled Fence Series #19 #1-#12 (12" x 12"), Recycled Fence Series #19 #13-#20 (6" x 6"), and Recycled Multi Fence Series #1-#12 ( 6" x 6").

I have really enjoyed working on this series! Cutting up older work, reassembling it, and adding more paint, is challenging and fun. I also love how the work looks when mounted on canvas. It's much more professional.