Friday, November 21, 2008

Introducing, which is a collection of fine artists who are making their work accessible and affordable to art lovers and collectors. is a group of fine artists who, besides making larger scale work, are also making smaller work that is accessible and affordable to art lovers and collectors, during a difficult economy. All work presented by the artists via this site is priced between $25. - $500. All sales via this website are made through the individual artists, who keep 100% of the proceeds.

I hope that you will visit the site, and that you enjoy the work of these artists. Please consider supporting them by making a purchase, or telling other people who appreciate art about the site.

Please check back again soon, to see additional artists. While there are only twelve listed now, there will be more added shortly.

The picture above is of many of my 6" x 6" Recycled Fence Series while they were drying on my work table, after I mounted them on canvas. These pieces are accessible via my website or