Friday, November 14, 2008

New Work - Recycled Fence Misc Series

I made six more 6" x 6" pieces in my "Recycled Fence Series." These are in the "Recycled Fence Misc Series," and are numbered 1 to 6 from top down.

A few weeks ago, I had the house to myself overnight, so I worked for hours and hours, uninterrupted until 1:30 AM, creating 3" x 3" pieces. By the end of that night I made almost 40 of them. When I was reviewing them, I noticed that some of them worked better grouped together as a 6" x 6" piece, so I reassembled them and mounted them on canvas.

These works will be for sale at The Danforth Museum Store, and Holiday Sale for $115 each. If you're interested in any of them, stop by the Museum, which is located in Framingham MA.

There will also be two 12" x 12" pieces at the Museum for sale. each. Recycled Fence #33/1 is above, and Recycled Fence #33/5 is below.

The Recycled Fence #33 pieces are not yet on my website, nor are the six Recycled Misc Series pieces up above. I will post them eventually. That said, there are many, many other Recycled Fence Series works on my website now. Take a look.