Monday, November 17, 2008


Tomorrow (November 18th), at 7pm, I will be giving a lecture at ArtSpace in Maynard MA, about how I print on fabric with orange construction fences, and how the influences of the urban environment and architecture have stimulated my grid-like designs. If you're local to the area, please stop by.

This lecture is part of the exhibition at the ArtSpace Gallery called, Long Journey into a Series. The title of the show and the work displayed reflects the artistic journey of six artists who have had a continued series of work for a number of years.

Participating artists in Long Journey include: Catherine Carter, Catherine Evans (who is also the curator), Virginia Fitzgerald, Jennifer Maestre, Ruth Rosner and Jeanne Williamson (me).

At the top of this post is Orange Construction Fence Series #53 and Orange Construction Fence Series #54, with one of Catherine Evans' wall sculptures in the center. Her work and mine look great together!