Friday, October 31, 2008

More on - Long Journey Into a Series

"Long Journey Into a Series" is on exhibit at ArtSpace Maynard, in Maynard Massachusetts, until November 21, 2008.

I don't often have the opportunity to see my work hanging, because many of the shows I'm in are great distances away. Because this show is a half hour from my house, I got to take pictures of it myself, instead of depending on a kind friend who lives closer.

At the top of this post is Orange Construction Fence Series #53 and Orange Construction Fence Series #54, with one of Catherine Evans' wall sculptures in the center. Catherine makes mixed media wall mounted pieces using painted bath mats, wire, string and other found objects. They look great next to my work!

This is Orange Construction Fence Series #56 (center left) and Orange Construction Fence Series #55 (center right), with two more of Catherine Evans' pieces, one on each side.

And, here is another of Catherine's pieces on the left, with Orange Construction Fence Series #50

in the center, and Orange Construction Fence Series #46 on the right. (Please note that the image of #50 has color problems in the photo. The red is not at all bright.)

The focus of this show is to present a body of art work, completed in a series, by a group of artists. Each of us has been working on our own individual series for many many years.

The Opening is on Saturday November 8th, from 4-6pm. I'll be there. If you're local to the area, please stop by and say hello.