Saturday, October 11, 2008

Massachusetts Creative Economy Council Bill

An announcement from Massachusetts Associates for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities (MAASH):

"Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the bill to create the first statewide Creative Economy Council to advise the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development on best strategies to grow the Massachusetts’ creative economy."

Read the bill.

About MAASH (quoting from their website): "MAASH is a broad-based, statewide organization that serves as a unified voice for the cultural community of Massachusetts. MAASH identifies significant issues of importance to the industry and works to influence legislation and public opinion."

Thank you Governor Patrick, Dan Hunter (the Executive Director of MAASH), and everyone else involved in this!

As nice as it would be for support for the Arts just for art's sake, relating the Arts to every day life is really smart. There are every few people, especially in today's economy, who support funding or supporting the Arts. This is a good way to go.

Read for more info.