Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Season 5

(Spoiler alert! Don't read if you haven't seen the first episode yet!)

Season 5 of Project Runway started last night.

The first designer challenge was to create fashions from objects found in a grocery store. They did this same project the first season, and I loved it, so I was glad to see it again. Most of the designers had a very hard time with this, but some ran with it. (The picture above has my favorite four designs. I "borrowed" the images off of Bravo's website.) The top left image was created with vacuum cleaner bags that were dyed and bleached, and coffee filters that were burned. I love this dress! WONDERFUL blend of technique and style! The bottom left dress was made entirely of plastic cups! This designer has guts, and I admire him. If you want to see all of the fashions, Bravo shows all all of the fashions, and lets you Rate The Runway.

Bravo has done very little PR about Project Runway Season 5. I didn't see any articles about it in the Boston Globe or the NY Times, and I saw Heidi Klum on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning, and she barely mentioned Project Runway nor did she show a clip of the new season. Looks like Bravo isn't promoting the show since it's moving to Lifetime next season. You'd think they'd take advantage of the current marketing opportunity this season, but I guess not. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. You can read more gossip about this on

The one hint Heidi did give on Regis and Kelly, was that there will be a challenge where the designers have to create a fashion out of car parts. I very much look forward to that. Last season I posted my favorite episodes from past seasons, where the designers had to use unusual materials. Enjoy.