Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Weekly Mixed Media Project

This is the eighth Weekly Mixed Media piece this year. The front side is above and the back side below.

This is LAST week's result (not this week's). I started making it on Monday Feb 18th and finished it up on Tuesday Feb 19th, but didn't post it until today because I got the flu. Thank goodness I created it when I did because if I hadn't, there would have been no piece last week.

This piece started with a piece of orange wool felt/fabric. I placed a strip of fuchsia pre-felted wool on the front left of center, and laid a oddly shaped cut piece of leftover printed silk organza from one of my Skeletal Fence Series pieces, in the center, over part of the fuchsia and orange sections. I needle punched the organza in place, and flipped everything over, placed a strip of light purple pre-felted wool and needle punched that in place from the back side, around where I punched the organza. Flipping it back to the front side, I added additional strips of light purple pre-felted wool on both edges of the section I had already punched, leaving a section of the orange wool blank. I punched it from the top, and again a little from the back, with some purple onion bag netting over the same purple area. In order to keep the netting in place, I had to punch it from the back, so the wool fiber would hold on to the netting and keep it in place.

After I was finished needle punching everything, I cut the felt to my 6" x 6" size, and outlined some areas with orange thread and over the purple netting, using my sewing machine. I also used purple thread and "scribble stitched" back and forth on the orange area around the edges of the silk organza, to make that area a bit more obvious.

I did not wash the felt because I was concerned about how long it would take to dry and then finish up, and the fact that I wasn't feeling well. I wanted to make sure I got it done just in case I didn't feel well all week, which turned out to be the case.

You can see my 2008 weekly mixed media work (so far) on my website, and read about my process/progress here on my blog.