Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inspiration / Printing and Painting on Fabric

More inspiration from the condo construction in downtown Natick Massachusetts. This is one of many pictures I took a few weeks ago, that I am using for some new work.

Last weekend I printed four pieces of fabric. They were all similar to the detail above.

During the past week, I grabbed a few minutes to sketch an idea out in Photoshop. This is a detail of some printing and painting may decide to do.

Yesterday I did some stitching on the first piece, and I will paint and print more on it, hopefully today or tomorrow night. I have a second piece I'm going to paint, before I stitch. I'll take a picture of it when there's something to show. I'll wait to start on the last two pieces of fabric until I make some progress on the these. I know I'll do something on the first two, that will lead me to want to try something on the last two.