Monday, May 6, 2013

New Installation

This installation in my back yard is a combination of an actual construction fence, installed with a monoprinted texture of a construction fence on one large piece of fabric. The fabric was stiffened to help make it more stable, and holes were then cut into the work to more resemble actual construction fences, to help enable the viewer to experience nature around and through the work, to allow a clematis to grow through the work, and to allow the wind to blow through it so it are more adaptable in different kinds of weather.
In an effort to say materials and money, I'm reused the metal piping that held up the work that was there for 2+ years.
I’m going to be documenting this piece over time. The clematis growing at the right will start growing in the piece any day now, and I’ll be taking pictures of it regularly. Check back again for more images.

Above is a detail of the piece, and below is a diagonal view in my yard.