Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yard Installations Update

Here's a check-in about my yard installations that have been outside since May 2010. In getting ready for this upcoming winter, I cut the clematis off of the installation in my back yard (above), to give it some breathing space over the winter. Below is how thick the clematis growth looked before I cut it off.

Notice the green discoloration on the bottom part of the installation. It's not any different than what is on some of the houses in my neighborhood, and also on some sculptures made by other artists in my yard. I suppose I can wash it off if I want to.

Above is the installation in my front yard. No green on it. Just a little faded after years of sunlight on it, and also road salt in the winter. There's also a little rust at the very top where it's touching the iron plumbing pipes I used to hold it up.

All in all, I continue to be very happy with how both installations are aging in my front and back yard.