Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yard Installations After Hurricane Sandy

My yard installations have survived our visit Hurricane Sandy very well. They've been outside since May 2010.

Yesterday, in Natick, Massachusetts, we had rain and very strong and scary winds for more than eight hours. Before the storm, we brought in or bungeed things that were in our yard. After checking the stability of both my front and back yard installations, I felt good about the frames surviving in the wind, though I wasn't sure how the stiffened fabric would do.

I'm happy to say that both did quite well. The fabric in the piece in my front yard (above) moved in the wind, and there was no damage. The piece in my back yard (below) was being held down by my overly healthy fall blooming clematis and wasn't going to budge. If the clematis wasn't there, I know it would have blown over, because it has in the past.

I have no idea how Fence/Curtain 2.0 would have survived in the garden outside of the the Boston Center for the Arts. It may have done OK because it was installed next to a raised bed garden which may have shielded it, but we will never know, because we deinstalled it on October 15th. I would have liked to find out, but ...

I can say that Fence/Curtain 1.0 did survive a wind storm with minimal damage in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA in March 2012, but the winds then never came close to the 60 or 70mph gusts we had yesterday from Hurricane Sandy.