Monday, April 18, 2011

Artist Residency Dreams/Thoughts

In a few weeks, I'm going to go to an artist residency. Most residencies are for a month or more, but I can only do two weeks for a variety of reasons. Because my time there will be short, and also to take advantage of having a much larger studio to work in than I do back at home, I want to create large work.

I've been considering many ideas, nothing specific. Mainly general, but I am concerned that working large can be time consuming, and I won't have THAT much time.

Last night I had a frustrating dream where I was elsewhere trying to get ideas to work and I was stuck. It woke me up, and I first reminded myself that it was a dream, and then I spent a few minutes thinking more about my residency. I made a few notes, and I need to make a few sketches so I don't forget.

My thoughts at the moment are to make some 4' or 5' squarish pieces that are fabric based. I'll monoprint construction fences as I like to do, but I'll vary from my usual way of working by not washing the fabric and most likely not repainting the full grid. It's a really slow process.

I think I'll stitch the fabric and paint in the intersecting squares of the grid and then cut into it to break the grid and also holes. I also want to print running yardage of different fences, and experiment with different outdoor and indoor installations. And, take lots of pictures!!!

I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone but me, but I'm thinking aloud. If I could, I'd get to work on this now because I'm overflowing with ideas, but it's going to have to wait a few weeks.