Friday, June 18, 2010

Exterior House Painting

My house is being repainted, and it's been a perfect time to play, and have fun, with color.

The body of my house has been "Lilac" since 1999, and the doors have been "Grape Hyacinth" since 1988. I wanted to stay with those two colors, but I wanted to have some fun with the color of the window sills. I wanted something colorful and playful, but also something that wouldn't upset anyone in the neighborhood.

The last time we had our house painted, I wasn't paying attention to all of the details, and I let the painters pick a pale yellow for the window sills. It was OK, but it faded quickly and it was a little boring.

This time I chose a bright yellow, and the painter suggested also trying a slightly lighter one as an experiment. He painted each color on two different sills for us to choose. I knew immediately that I liked the brighter yellow that's at the top of this post. Luckily I was not alone in my choice. My husband, the painter, and some neighbors also liked it, and that's what we decided to go with.

Before painting them, the painters had to strip the windows down to bare wood. I was inspired by the natural wood color and texture, in contrast to the Lilac clapboards, but it only stayed that way for a few days.