Friday, August 29, 2008

Project Runway - Car Parts Challenge

Spoiler alert. Don't read (or even look at the pictures) if you have not seen Project Runway (Season 5) - Episode 7 yet!!!

As I've mentioned before, I love the Project Runway challenges where the designers use recycled materials to create their fashions. I knew this challenge was going to happen because I heard Heidi Klum mention it in an interview, when the new Project Runway started.

For Episode 7, the designers got to take car parts out of a group of cars, and create a design out if it. No fabric was used.

Above are two pieces made entirely out of seat belt straps. The kimono/coat on the left is stunning! I was really worried as it was being made, but the final result is perfect. Unfortunately the dress on the right is not. It's a great idea that is poorly executed. The length is too long, though I do like the loose, uneven use of the seat belt straps. The part that is really unfortunate is the top is very badly fitted. Oh well.

Above are four other looks I liked a lot. (Click on the image if you'd like to see it bigger.)

The flared part of the dress on the the far left is made out of car air filters, that were decorated with a marker. Great idea and nice dress!

The left center is created out of seat vinyl, with seat belt straps as embellishment along the top edge of the dress. Really good detail, and quite a nice piece, though I was worried that the judges would have a problem with the exaggerated hips. Thank goodness they did not.

Center right is a dress made out of various car parts. Very nice!

The right dress is hard to see in this picture, but the top is made out of textured floor mats and is really cool! I don't know what the bottom part of this dress is made of, but I think the whole outfit works very well.

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